Running the demo

There many different ways to run the DDDSample.Net. Some of them are:
  1. Use binary release 'as is'. Just click here to download an installer in msi format. Follow the installation wizard. Unfortunately you have to manually add write access rights for IIS account to App_Data folder in DDDSample's installation directory. Then open the browser and type configured web address and click 'Reset database' to create tables. Your brand new DDDSample installation uses file-based SQLite RDBMS.
  2. Use source code and SQLite. Same as above, but you have to download source code (for example from here) and run it under VisualStudio.
  3. Use source code and stand-alone RDBMS (like SQL Server 2008). Just uncomment appropriate connection strings and NHibernate configuration options in web.config files. Remember to reset your database before using booking/tracking UI.

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